Competitive Analysis

Analyzing the performance of your competitors on social media is critical not only for better understanding your competitors’ social business strategy, but learning from their successes and failures will help create more effective social media campaigns for your brand as well. With Socialbakers Analytics you will be able to monitor and analyze any profile or page without admin rights.

Industry & Regional Benchmarking

Benchmarking is important for developing and executing all stages of your social media strategy. Consistently benchmarking your brand’s social performance to your industry and region will give you the insights necessary to drive your social media campaigns. With Socialbakers Analytics you will be able to clearly see where your social media efforts are underperforming or outperforming the market standards.

Social Customer Care

Social Customer Care is not only an effective way to provide service to your customers, it’s also a public and powerful testimony for your brand. Our Socially Devoted project has become the global standard for social customer care measurement. With Socialbakers Analytics you can easily measure response rates, response times or volumes of posts or questions of any page or profile.

Visual Reporting

Reporting is essential to help explain activity, results and returns from your social media activity, both from in-house and from agencies reporting to a client. With Socialbakers Analytics you can choose from a variety of reports - from Custom Reports & pre-set Executive reports in PDF to LinkedIn and Instagram reports in Powerpoint. You can also easily download individual graphs for your own report or presentation.

Engagement & Content Optimization

Monitoring and optimizing your social media content is critical for developing a healthy social media strategy. As the world of social becomes increasingly crowded, creating engaging content is becoming absolutely essential in order to stay visible. With Socialbakers Analytics you will be able to see what type of content your fans find most engaging as well as the time of the day your target audience most engaged with your content.

Fan & Followers Insights

Building and fully understanding your audience is essential for accelerating the effectiveness of any social media strategy or campaign. With Socialbakers Analytics you will be able to monitor and analyze fan growth, user activity, and distribution of fans, while also obtaining detailed information about the social users that are most engaged with your own brand or your competitors.

Facebook & Google Integrations

To make accessing and understanding your metrics easier and more useful, we’ve enhanced our tool with tighter integration of the latest Facebook insights. This integration provides more metrics, some of which are provided in real-time. With Socialbakers Analytics you will now be able to see your Facebook Insights and public metrics in one easy-to-read dashboard. Moreover Social Visits Google Integration will enable you to see how your web traffic and social activity correlate.

Mobile App Support

With our iOS and Android Socialbakers Report apps you can now check your Analytics data for Facebook, not only from your desktop, but also while you are on the move, While the mobile app does not give you the full functionality of Socialbakers Analytics platform, it does give you quick, actionable insights into all of your most vital KPI whenever you want and wherever you are.

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